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Industrial  through AI

Make more revenue, more profit, more progress with your personalized AI solutions by us 🛠️🚀

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Our Mission

We solve your current company's bottlenecks
by state-of-the-art AI solutions!


Our steps to make it happen:

1. By analysing your case we will create a roadmap with the best AI solutions and implementation plan

2. Developing cost-effective custom AI solutions tailored for maximum effectiveness in your company

3. You make more revenue, more profits, more progress in our technology partnership


The main AI solutions  
that we provide

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New horizons of efficiency with robotics solutions

Step into the extraordinary future of industrial! Our AI solutions empower with autonomous navigation, SLAM, cobots, human activity recognition, emotion analysis, and machine vision. Witness a thrilling leap towards unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

  • + Autonomous Navigation
  • + SLAM
  • + Cobots
  • + Human Activity Recognition
  • + Emotion Analysis
  • + Machine Vision
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Advanced Employee Monitoring

Enhance workplace productivity and safety! Solutions based on AI can optimize processes, monitor performance, and foster collaboration for a more efficient and secure work environment.

  • + Productivity Analytics
  • + Workplace Safety
  • + Environmental Monitoring
  • + Assembly Line Productivity
  • + Time Management
  • + Collaboration Analytics
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Next-Gen Automation

Revolutionize operations with cutting-edge automation! Experience optimized processes, predictive insights, and intelligent energy management for unparalleled efficiency.

  • + AI-driven RPA
  • + AI-Enhanced Simulation
  • + Process Optimization
  • + Demand Forecasting
  • + Cognitive Manufacturing
  • + Energy Management
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Proactive Maintenance Solutions

Anticipate maintenance needs and prevent downtime! AI collect and use predictive insights and proactive scheduling for optimal machinery performance and reliability.

  • + Anomaly Detection
  • + Sensor Fusion
  • + Real-time Monitoring
  • + Failure Prediction
  • + Maintenance Scheduling
  • + Predictive Inspections
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Optimized Supply Chain Management

Maximize supply chain efficiency! AI offer real-time visibility, accurate forecasting, and streamlined operations for a more agile and optimized supply chain..

  • + Inventory optimization
  • + Route optimization
  • + Warehouse management
  • + Forecast Accuracy
  • + Supplier performance
  • + Real-time visibility
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Quality Assurance Excellences

Ensure flawless product quality! Solutions based on AI deliver precision through defect detection, assembly verification, and insightful quality analytics for top-tier industrial standards..

  • + Defect Detection
  • + Assembly Verification
  • + X-ray Inspection
  • + Automated Test Equipment
  • + Quality Data Analytics
  • + Inspection Robots


How we work

step 01

Project Estimation

Share your requirements with us to plan your project roadmap.

step 02

Team Assembly

Forming an effective project team, which can cover your needs.

step 03

Your Project Manager

Every project that involves more than 2 developers, we provide a dedicated PM.

step 04

Development Begins

The team receive their tasks with the deadlines, and the development begins

The co-operation with NikCode has accelerated our development a lot. On top of their development skills, they always strive for perfection and do their work with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.


CEO Kauz GmbH

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Have you project in mind?

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